Demi Lovato creates fund in favor of the mental health concerned about how it is affecting the coronavirus | Shows Despierta America


things will get better.

carlos: things are

challenging with those who are

in front of the battle, but

also, being at home is a

battle hard.

those who were at home

we know how hard that is

fight daily with the mind.

demi lovato also has suffered

a lot and , as he says, the

impacts of the covid 19 in the

mental health duraán ore than the


alan: and by this, also, has

created an initiative where

the people podá receive help

professionals in the quarantine.

the help is ápida, free and

available seven days, to the

week in píses states

states, canaá and the united kingdom.

qé good that she use

this situacónya that knows how to

the has gone from bad to

able to help other people.

alan: telemedicine is one of

the industries say that

they are going to take off hard.

gave me very good advice and

also good páticay was very


alan: ojaá that trabajaá