Demi Lovato urges mexicans to stay home


The famous singer Demi Lovato asked the mexicans to take action to prevent the coronavirus, so that the pandemic ends soon, and be able to visit the country again, after several years of absence, due to his rehabilitation from an overdose.

And is that in 2018 the interpreter “cool for the summer” I had planned a visit to Mexico for may, however, had to cancel for personal reasons, so it was postponed to November, which had to cancel due to that entered rehabilitation.

In that sense, the american singer has not visited mexico since over 4 years ago, and his fans demanded that will tour again, so his return to the music might be the perfect opportunity to do so, however, this was truncated because of the Covid-10.

It is for this reason, that through Universal Music, his record label, the singer sent a message with a dedication to all mexicans, inviting them to stay home, and follow the measures that have been imposed by the health authorities, so they do not have to wait so long to be seen again.

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The great return of Demi Lovato

After 2 years of absence in the music, Demi Lovato made its triumphant return with the song Anyone at the Grammy awards, which marked his comeback to the stage, then we could see singing the national anthem of the united States in the Super Bowl, which confirmed that it was pizando with force.

During this year it has surprised us with the topics Anyone, I Love Me and Im Ready next to Sam Smith, which have had a great acceptance by the audience, who are waiting to announce his new album, and with it, his next tour.