Don Guillermina Valdes shared a video of their children Dante and Lolo singing and they killed it!


It is not easy, not easy to be famous in our country because, once a person reaches the popularity, received many attacks, something known in the flesh goddesses as Pampita, Marina Calabrò, Moria Casán, Pamela David y Vero Lozano; now, however, those who tore apart was to Guillermina Valdes.

The young man decided to share a video where you can see singing to his son, Daniel Ortega, the fruit of his first marriage with Sebastian Ortega, with the small Loreno (more commonly known as Lolo), the fruit of his relationship with Marcelo Tinelli. The two sing Tusa, the song Karol G and Nicki Minaj were made known.

“Artists in the quarantine,” wrote the woman. Of course, quickly netizens covered compliments to the mom for having so much talent in your family but, inevitably in a situation like this, especially since it is a social network, little by little began the negative comments.

The phrase more impact reached was: “do You want to do believe that is a singer? Do as well as it does with the other, with Cande Tinelli, which makes her believe that she sings well? With all of the arrangements above they look like a cat run over by singing” (sic). Another cibernauta wrote: “That the filthy Tinelli not quit on the air.”

As a response to so many assaults, the young man replied with a phrase in English from Yoko Ono, the widow of John Lennon, the creator and leader of the Beatles: “The love can save the world. Continues to transform the negative energy into positive energy, through the love” (sic).