Emilia Clarke has a good plan to combat coronavirus and you can share it with her


Emilia Clarke has posted a video on their social networks where calls donations for the acquisition of medical materials, to achieve more hospital beds and provide other aid to the sick of coronavirus. Their goal is to raise 250,000 pounds sterling (about 280,000 euros). To change, select 12 of the donors to dine with her in virtual form.

“I have a small request, help me get to 250,000 pounds for the foundation Same You and random I’ll select 12 people fortunate to connect with me, in a virtual way, to cook and eat dinner together. We will discuss many things, our fears and funny videos…is going to be fun”, says the interpreter of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of thrones.

Some time ago, the queen of dragons he said that at the end of the first season of filming of the series Game of thrones he suffered two brain aneurysms. For this reason, he decided to found Same To You, a charitable organization that helps those in need recover from brain injuries and strokes. Now, the actress has decided that the turn has come to help the patients with coronavirus.The intent of Emilia Clarke is to enable a large number of beds for patients of Covid-19 and those who are hospitalized for brain injuries can continue the treatment in their homes, so that they are free beds for those affected by the pandemic. Among all donors, the actress will choose twelve with the that do a dinner the virtual.

Emilia Clarke, with her dog

Emilia Clarke, with her dog

“We are creating a rehabilitation clinic virtual for survivors of brain injuries have a place to go to, and a place where you feel safe and not feel alone and isolated, which I think is good. We need to do everything possible to free up as many beds as possible,” adds Clarke. The initiative is associated with the Hospital Rehabilitation Spaulding, Massachusetts, and the University college Hospital of London.

Now he will have to fight against the Covid-19

The actress, who nearly lost his life after suffering two brain aneurysms, created a foundation to help survivors of brain injuries

Emilia Clarke, 33, explained last year that “I nearly lost my life just when all my childhood dreams became a reality”, in reference to brain aneurysms he suffered. It all started at the end of the first season of Game of thronesat the beginning of 2011, when he was 24 years old. “I was terrified. Terrified by the attention, for a business that barely understood, to do honor to the confidence that the creators of Game of thrones they had put in me. I felt, in all senses, exposed. In the first episode I appeared naked and from then on I always asked myself the same question: ‘Do you make of a strong woman, however, you take off your clothes. Why? How many men must I kill to prove my worth?’”. On the aneurysms was explained to the program Sunday Morning on CBS: “The first time was difficult, in the second I found much more hard to remain optimistic”, and added: “I took it as if it were a thing of day-to-day.

Emilia Clarke invites us to enter into the scenes of 'Game of Thrones'.

Emilia Clarke invites us to enter into the scenes of ‘Game of Thrones’.

To relieve stress, he began working with a personal trainer and during a session with him started to feel bad. “I felt as if an elastic band I tighten the brain. I tried to ignore the pain, but I could not” . Had to be transferred urgently to a medical centre and a scanner discovered that he had suffered a ruptured artery in the brain. The underwent a surgical intervention, and explained that during the recovery, they asked of him his full name –it is called Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke – and was unable to remember: “I Am an actress, I need to remember my papers. And now I don’t recall my own name.”Overcome such a difficult moment, the british actress has decided to don’t forget the that now suffer the most and put the foundation that you created in the service of the sick of coronavirus.