Ex girlfriend Tekashi 6ix9ine blame the rapper not to seek to his daughter since his departure


UNITED STATES.- The ex-girlfriend of Tekashi 6ix9ine, Sara Molina , ensures be upset because the rapper has shown little interest in maintaining a closeness with her daughter, Saraiyah. The young man pointed out that he had not expected that he would change but he is still disappointed by his hostility, according to information from TMZ.

Sara says feeling grateful that the mother of Tekashi was trying to keep alive a link with the girl. According to the portal, says that the grandmother has been in close contact for the last month and that has gone to see Saraiyah in person several times.

Sara says that Tekashi, while he was imprisoned, he approached his mother to establish a neutral place for her mother to meet Saraiyah. Apparently, that was done without problems, but the young man says that just before 6ix9ine came out, his mother cut off all communication with her.

For their part, sources close to the rapper assured TMZ that the only reason that has not been communicated and tried to connect still is because it wants that the pandemic coronavirus is under control first, because they want to put the safety of his daughter first.

In addition, Tekashi is claiming that Sara begs him to return with him, suggesting that he fears he is using his daughter as a estratagia to meet.

For now, Sarah says that the mother of Tekashi is still welcome to visit her granddaughter, but a meeting of father and daughter seems to be in the background.

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