Fans attack Warner by to congratulate Amber Heard


On Wednesday, April 22, the actress Amber Heard celebrated her birthday. To congratulate you, the official account of Aquaman went to Twitter to post a picture of your character Merely to wish him “a fantastic day”.

However, after having been accused of abuse and extortion of Johnny Depp, the reactions of the fans in the publication are not the most friendly.

There are even those who are organizing petitions for that the actress will no longer be part of the cast of Aquaman for the second installment:

Since Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began their process of separation in 2017, both of which have been caught up in a protracted legal battle that is still standing and that each time becomes more problematic. Both actors claim that they were victims of abuse within the marriage, and although initially that was doing a formal investigation was Depp, subsequently published various audios, without a government support, in the that Heard was designated as attacking the actor.

Amber Heard

Among the accusations of Johnny Depp to the actress, Depp stated that after the consumption of amphetamines prescribed and non-prescribed medicines with alcohol, the actress came to commit various acts of domestic violence against her, which came to affect physically. These violent acts include the testimony of that defecated in the bed of the actor, threw a bottle of vodka that he cut off the finger and was abusive with him while their children were present in the house.