Fire! Becky G and her secret lover. It uploads pictures with her!


Becky G is the singer of fashion in the united States. His album Bad santa has been a hit world. In Spain, the artist is one of the most desired and most sought after in the social networks. Since he came to the lists with I like olderthe american of mexican origin has not ceased to amaze all and sundry.

His arrival to the top has not been the fruit of a day. More than once we have counted on Don Rose Ball history. It is not, or much less, flower of one day landing in the spotlight. He now lives his music and supports his family. It is the pride of their parents who always knew that the small Becky had a special talent.

Now the singer has been released with a trading style that like much, but it is not the only style that she knows and can sing. Has a voice for much more than to sing Reggaeton. We are not surprised that in future work, it’ll be turning a lot more style Pop or even Jazz. But for the moment, his collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha and other artists of the Latin music they are making gold. Why renounce to it?

Have uploaded yesterday a photo with her lover, who has left all perplexed. Her boyfriend, the footballer The Los Angeles Galaxy Sebastian Llegetyou can be assured. The lover of Becky is not a person, it is mother earth. And is that the american has confessed naturist, and has wanted to do yesterday, in the Earth daya tribute to the planet where we live.

Has uploaded two photos, one making a path at the side of a creek and the other on the beach, where he confesses his love for the land and the nature. He urges us to take care of her because she is the most precious thing we have. What is the reason that has always spoken about in this girl.

The lover of Becky G is the same as that of many others. We can at least share something with her. That is not comforting is because you don’t want.