How did Javiera Contador to be at the side of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? The actress told of his unpublished meeting


In a new broadcast of the program “Fusion Cuisine” National Television, one of the guests recounted an incredible story lived next to the actors american Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Was the actress Javiera Contador who has revealed an unprecedented story about their way through the Cannes Film Festival 2009, together with her husband, Diego Rougier, who were at the premiere of the film “Bastards Without Glory”.

“I once went to the Cannes film Festival with Diego. I was doing the morning show of Mega, and we worked with a chef who is very loving, is Didier”, began to relate.

To this he added that “we belong to a delegation from chile, for which we paid the hotel and that, but not travel. We had a budget weenies”.

“And Didier, who is love, tells us, ‘andor am I Cannes, my family is from Cannes. Then go, my mom is going to go in search of the airport and go to the house of Toto’. And Toto was the former brother-in-law. His sister had married with Toto, had been separated, but the same good vibes with Toto”, followed by commenting on Jamie.

“We set off. When we arrived, as I was going to Cannes, I went out with overweight, because I took all of the dresses that I had in the house. If it was Cannes. We arrived, we had a self-weenies, we weren’t going the suitcases and us, ‘doesn’t matter’”, he continued by telling the comedian.

Later, he noted that “we came to the house. Toto was newly separated, then as I was a little sad, but a love. And Toto is a police officer, but it wasn’t Cannes, it was in Le Cannet , which is close to, but is not so close. Like 25 minutes in the micro.

“Then all of us, to go to the festival, where we had the thing of production, always be on the side of Cannes there is a palace where they do activities. The people go very early in the morning dressed for the gala in the night,” he said.

“Because you have to have points for having an entry, there were many people who ask for tickets to the premiere of a famous movie and there are people who truly have plenty of that and gives. But you have to be ready,” he explained.

“The thing is that we went to a party of the delegation of Chile, and there, in that place was going to be after a festival of Almodóvar with Penélope Cruz and all. And we chileans are broken, ‘escondámonos and when they change we’ll be here,’” said the actress.

However, the winner of the Festival of Viña confessed that “we caught him, we took out, I lost my wallet for running, one thing… I Lost everything. Wrong. I lost my dignity“.

“I was super-sad, as well attributed. And Janus Parra, Centro Cultural Alameda, says to me ‘what would make you happy?’. And I: ‘go to the premiere of Tarantino. If you could go for me life would be another’. ‘Really? is that your happiness? Takes’. And it gives me a entry as well as a golden vip,” revealed Counter.

“And it was 5 in the afternoon, the premiere was at 8, we had to go to Le Cannet to change our clothes. We. The micro, we’ve managed, fantastic. An entry for the two. We went out to the whereabouts of micro. Not micro, not micro, because they move at 6″.

“‘What are we doing? Let’s finger’. Suddenly stopped a car super beat-up, an arab, the most loving. ‘Hello, do you where are you go?’. ‘The Cannes Festival’. I was going slowly to go to talking and we wanted you to get husks off, because but we weren’t going to get there”, followed by telling the actress.

“We arrived, dropped us off at the door, a car very dilapidated, and we went down with our input. Then with Diego organising ‘already, I’m going to spend, you’re going to go under’. All wrong, don’t do it in their homes,” he said.

We were very anxious, for us it was a world of Hollywood stars. Then I joined and I was passing the entrance, don’t ask me how we did it. We enter the red carpet, ‘let me out photos, get me out of pictures!’. And the people, ‘come córranse!’, because I came Brangelina. Boths”, revealed Counter, to the surprise of his companions.

“We were passing the controls. What we did is that Diego was holding on to the ladies that were going as an entry and I did as well (he approached), as if the pololo. My entry was in the row of Tarantino, Brad Pitt, below. Diego saw him not, and suddenly I see it as up to me and said ‘I got it’. ‘Good! Tamos’,” said the actress in chile.

“The film ends, it was Bastards without Glory. In addition to seeing them with them was super fun. And we went out. I will go out and Diego does not come out. Not come out, 45 minutes, an hour. Suddenly the door is opened, the main, and out comes Angelina, and next to Diego. And I watching the screen, as in the street of the front, ‘hey, what does this hueó… there?!”.

Diego more overexcited than I do. ‘What I saw?! I came out on top, we had to leave as two blocks beyond, gave me a tin can, had a lot of people and I threw. There were two gentlemen more, which they were certainly major producers and they told me that we tiráramos against the transit through the escalator,” explained Jamie.

I say ‘suddenly when I get there, I crashed with Angelina, then the greeting, and he grabbed the back and get two guards, ‘let’s don’t touch, please, don’t touch!’. And Angelina a ice, nothing. Then the guards run off, but were just in the door where it opens out the famouss”, told a prominent comedian.

“Brad had become… I don’t want to peel, I don’t want to speak ill of the friends, I do not like Angelina speak well of me (laughter). But he is charming, super cute. She was not happy, as with a face that was fought with the couple. Then they were separated, because he was carreteando. Tarantino at the party was at the top of the ball“, finally revealed.

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