How to put make-up on in times of chinstrap (I change, everything changes!)


Did you get to think that the fact that the use of chinstrap makes us change the way of make-up? Yes, we will stop using the gloss, and we will begin to highlight the make up on the eyes.

Nicki Minaj never imagined that the look that took in the awards gala MTV Video Music Awards 2011, was going to be a landmark in the era coronavirus. Clear that neither imagined that 9 years later we would be living in a pandemic that would force us all to get out on the streets with chinstrap.

Nicki Minaj with chinstrap and make-up strong in the gaze, in the delivery of the MTV Video Music Awards 2011.

“With the addition of the chinstrap, the lips pass into history and will highlight the eyes“ says the makeup artist Luchi Numer, Study, Numer.

And he says: “For those that hard for them to incorporate the eye makeup with shadows and outlined, we recommend that you have the eyebrows very well-shapedthe way in which most brings out your eyes, temples and cheekbones. Helping with mascara of eyelashes, and makeup of eyebrows. You destacás all in minutes and with only two products!”

Goodbye to the gloss

The gloss and the lipstick you’ll have to take them off porta cosmetics. And incorporate the labial non-transferable: these are ideal because they will not stain the fabric of the chinstrap.

The return of smokey eyes

“For those who are a little more advanced, and dare to be something more, the ideal will be to be a blending shade on the lash line. I forget the outline in pencil! With the heat that will generate the chinstrap, it will melt the grease of eyeliner and it will run much faster than usual. So shadow, mascara and good brows“ says Luchi.

“If you’re a makeup fan, you can satinarte well the cheekbones and the temples, to highlight that area a lot and encourage you to a good smokey eye. Remember that this technique is not exclusive to the black shadow. You can make smokey burgundy, copper, green, blue, or the tone that you have fun. And, as always, a few good lashes and eyebrows well-groomed!”, concludes Luchi.