How to use Quibi in Spanish



Quibi premiered on April 6 in the united States.


Quibi, the new platform by streaming, came to the united States on April 6 with 50 programs distributed in its three content categories: Movies, No scripts and Documentaries, in addition to the Daily Essentials.

Unlike other services, the series and films of Quibi offered in small pieces or as their name suggests, in “quick bites“, so that their chapters have a duration of no more than 10 minutes. And yes, even the movies are divided into chapters.

The app is only available in the united States and according to Quibi, after it will be launched in other anglo-saxon countries, and later it will be world premiere. However, there are no dates or an estimate of time for your entry to other countries.

In terms of the language options in the app Quibi, these are limited although it does have the option to put subtitles in Spanish. Here’s how to activate them:

Subtitles Quibi

To activate and deactivate the subtitles on Quibi is very easy. Once you start to play the content you want, click on the screen of your mobile device to bring up the options menu at the bottom of the screen. Now, click on the icon Close Caption (CC) and choose English (CC), English and Spanish. You can also choose to completely disable the subtitles.

However, Quibi not account with the option to see the contents folded, and the app also lacks the option to change the language to Spanish.

Quibi plans to launch 175 shows original in its first year and 8,500 bites content. Between the celebrities that you can find within the platform are highly acclaimed directors such as Peter Farrelly, Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro; and stars such as Demi Lovato, Will Smith, Kevin Hart, Tyra Banks, Zac Efron, Bill Murray, Anna Kendrick, Joe Jonas, among others.

You can download Quibi from the App Store or Google Play Store and take advantage of the 90 day trial without cost if you register before April 20. After the trial period, you’ll be able to opt for the monthly subscription of$5 with commercials, or pay$8 monthly to access the version without commercials. If you’re a customer of T-Mobile, you can take advantage of the free subscription for a year to Quibi.

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