Humiliate Roger, the driver of “Venga la Alegría” by using toupee

The driver of ‘Venga la Alegría’ Roger Gonzalez was mesmerizing to their thousands of fans to show off what is apparently a toupee, during a live broadcast.

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The famous conductor Comes to the Joy, Roger Gonzalez, he was victimized way of teasing and laughter after making an appearance on live through your account TikTok staff, as some of the users present in that transmission began to point out that the presenter of 37 years clearly was using a toupee, of those that cover the front of the head.

And although the former host of Disney has not issued a response to the allegations, or mentioned nothing at all, in this respect, various internet surfers to ensure that your flirty cap is totally out of place for someone of your age your caracterisicas physical, pointing out that if at any momeno was bald, preferably rapara.

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Even, some people also compared it physically with the president of the united States, or the character of Troy Bolton in Highschool Musical, which was played by the famous actor, Zac Efron.

“With that bisoñé to recommend that, because of the forty that have may not have that cap mr. Roger”. “I recommend that you use that type of bisoñé. I prefer to keep shaven head, the truth.” “What a shame to use that, better to rápate Roger, you are already very chavorruco”, were just some of the countless comments that have been made to read while Roger remained in their “in vivo”.

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And though perhaps the allegations are false and in fact Roger has a rich and very bright hair, now we can not stop thinking about him with the bald head, or even to imagine the driver taking off his toupee when no one sees it.

Since we do not yet know the truth on this topic, the only thing you can do for the moment is enjoy the picture of Roger with his hair (which will hopefully still be natural). He being one of the drivers most, followed by the girls by being a complete gentleman, it would be a strange start to see him without his blonde and well-groomed hair.

And you do you Think that Roger used a toupee? Or is it Only a joke of people who already do not know in what to invest your time?

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