I Amber Heard at its worst! fans of Jhonny Deep was attacked and pointed out as abusive and violent


The conflicting relationship between Jhonny Deep and his former wife Amber Heard is still news. Despite the fact that they are separated 3 years ago, its disastrous separation was the main reason for physical violence. Although, both are charged, the balance was almost always in favor of the model. In the last few weeks, the tests began to turn around.

All of the stories that the young star he told about the alleged maltreatment he had received part of their former spouse, the actor of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, would not be at all certain as they went out to give the face several witnesses who claimed to have seen or heard abuse, but on the part of the ex-wife of Deep.

Some of the evidence against the model and that could end up in prison revealed that it was she who defecated in the bed of the actor. Added to this is the statement of the administrator of the estate of the artist Hollywood, who said he saw when Heard abusing your ex-husband while their children were present. There would also be testimony that the located in the center of the scene as the responsible of assaulting Deep with a bottle of vodka, which led to a cut in one of the fingers of the hand.

To all these statements, and the secrets that came to light was added to a controversial greeting birthday by part of the industry Warner Bros to Amber Heard. Quickly, users and followers of Jhonny Deep does not let pass this situation and came to the crossing, arguing that the birthday girl didn’t deserve the recognition for all that weighs on her. A user made a posting that received over 7 thousand likes on where manifested: “he admitted several times to having abused her husband, but of course, let’s talk about it because it is beautiful and keeps you entertained the male audience”.