It clarifies! Cardi B reveals that it is not infected by the coronavirus

EU.- Cardi B was to the social networks to reassure their fans after being seen in a hospital in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Many believed that she had the coronavirus, but the singer says that his visit to the emergency room has nothing to do with the COVID-19.

The rapper assured his followers that does not suffer symptoms of the disease and that is okay, although revealed that takes days with ‘stomach problems very serious’ and, when no longer able to bear the pain, decided to go to the local medical center.

He was treated and released, and in a post on Instagram Live last Thursday, the star of hip-hop insisted that his disease had nothing to do with the outbreak of coronavirus.

“I have been very ill for the last five days … without a crown,” he said. “I have stomach problems very serious … I started to throw up …”, he said, and added that they even did a pregnancy test: “Because you never know, ” he said, saying that the results were negative.

The 27-year-old, married to the rapper Migos, Offset, father of her daughter Kulture, is still sick, but his doctor advised him to ‘take ginger tea’ to be alleviated.

Cardi believes that his stomach problems are related to your diet, as they are forced to depend on food from some restaurants during their quarantine in Los Angeles.

“I don’t have anyone that I cook,” he complained. “I hired a chef to two times and were unpleasant and expensive!”, justified.

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