It is within reach of few! Drake spent an incredible amount of money For a bed!

Everything seems to indicate that Drake took the pleasure of sleeping comfortably to another level and without a doubt the a bed that bought for his incredible mansion will leave you without words to anyone.

The magazine Architectural Digest revealed that the recognized artist recently acquired the model Great Vividus of the Swedish brand Hästens, one of the leaders in the production of this type of furniture is luxurious and highly expensive.

This bed has a cost of more than 400 thousand dollars and only has a handful of replicas at the global level, so that the ex-boyfriend of Rihanna ensures a gift truly personalized.

What makes so unique this bed is that its design makes it look as if he was floating in the air, and for a artist the category of Drake, this is something that yes or yes should be in your home no matter the cost.

“The Grand Vividus exudes luxury, quality and design without compromise to become a work of art for the bedroom,” said the company on how to define the new acquisition of the actor canadian.

This work was hand-made by the best artisans of that company through an incredible collection of linen, wool, cotton and spiral exclusive, which will allow the producer to be able to sleep as you have never done so.

According to the journal, the winner in multiple-time Grammy Award nominee has a lifetime warranty that even gives the ship a computer directly from Sweden only for massaging and flipping the mattress about three or five times a year.

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