It was very hairy! Reveal Shakira photos young before being famous What will you recognize?


Some old photos of Shakira came to light it 28 years later!

The colombian singer Shakira since the beginning of his fame has shocked all his fans with his voice and spectacular dances that leave without speaking to those who observe it.

This time, however, it was not his mesmerizing voice or dance that left lelos all, it was a few old photographs that came to light 28 years later. What a cuteness!

With a long dark mane Shakira impact to all her fans after being revealed a few snapshots taken from the trunk of the memories, the great change is remarkable, since, from several years ago Shakira he has kept his hair always blond.

Let us remember that for Shak to reach the position that it has today, had to work hard in his career and was gradually positioning itself today Shakira it is colombia’s most famous at the global level, and this was certified after his presentation at the Super Bowl, where he shone at the side of Jennifer Lopez.

Definitely, no matter what your hair color, today is still looking spectacular and in addition retains very well its figurine.