It’s in quarantine! Justin Bieber postpones concert to 2020


In short, the confinement required has spoiled the plans of many people. But what there Will be those who are saved out of this? Apparently the answer is negative, many celebrities as Justin Bieber have decided to cancel his concerts for the remainder of the year, by the uncertainty that has been created by the pandemic Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the debut of “Changes” you must wait, this tour was planned to include 45 performances in the stadiums and other spaces. The route that was planned, to start from the past may 14, would again be face-to-face to the celebrity with their followers. This after approximately three years of age outside of scenarios and the view of all.

“While Justin (along with his band, his dancers and his team) has been working very hard in the preparation of a show amazing, always been put ahead of the health and well-being of their fans. Justin is waiting with anxiety the opportunity to return to the path and act in a place where all are safe,” were the exact words published by the office of the artist.

Bieber in confinement mandatory

Even the young celebrity, has asked his followers to keep them safe, nurture and protect his own. Through your account officer Instagram it has also carried out various activities to entertain their followers, dances, laughter and one another challengen they have stolen the “likes” of their fans.

Currently the interpreter of “Baby” is serving the confinement required next to his beloved wife. To these they have been seen very much in love, despite all odds, the couple has managed to handle the comments of the tabloids and are in search of their first son, up until now the confinement they have been sitting very well.