Janice Garay, the double of Jennifer Lopez that scorches on Instagram


  • We have found the double of Jennifer Lopez: Janice Garay, a bodybuilder could be made to pass through it and nobody would know the difference.
  • Jennifer Lawrence has a double and its resemblance is amazing.

    Sure you’ve heard at some time or other that that we all have a double in some part of the world. Because it is true. Genetics is capricious, and even though we may think that we are unique and unrepeatable, somewhere in the world there is a person who shares our traits. It has even coined a term for this, ‘doppelganger’, who would come to mean something like ‘double-walking’. In our case, it is more than likely never get to know that person, but the famous have more luck. Sure Beyoncé blown away to find Brittany Williams. Another amazing case is that of Alexia Maier, who confuse it with Jennifer Lawrence and we are not surprised to nothing. Which also has a clone it is Jennifer Lopez. It’s called Janice Garay and is causing a real fury in Instagram.

    Best known as Jay From Houston, this texas became viral back in 2017 after one of his publications appeared in the tab ‘explore’ of Instagram (the famous lupita, go). Its great resemblance with the diva of the Bronx blown away to the users of the social network, which couldn’t stop to ask if it was JLo. Today, it has over 240 thousand followers in your profile and it is quite famous in the world of culturismor. In fact, it participates in the championships of this type several times a year. And well, the view is.

    This is Janice Garay, the bodybuilder who could pass for a double of Jennifer Lopez

    Its great resemblance to JLo is not only limited to their traits, and is that both have a style very similar: I really like to wear hoop earrings large, hair long, wavy and a eye-makeup very well-marked. Well, this is not to mention their spectacular bodies. Even though the Jay is more work because your profession requires it, the JLo is not far behind, precisely.

    Do you know some day? Please, do so. We would love to see a photo of the event.