Jennifer Aniston has the look of a hair more copied from 25 years ago and we know why


If there’s one person in Hollywood that has no grace a time tunnel that is Jennifer Aniston: on the very mind-boggling that look is practically the same since more than two decades ago, when “Friends” became a global success. Rachel Greenhis character in the series, he connected immediately with the audience by embodying the typical ‘girl next door’. And, yes, maybe then their beauty was not spectacularly flashy, but it had and continues to have the mane the more envied on the planet. A hair pelazo dense and bright that remained virtually intact since the late 90’s. But before fixing her iconic golden hair, with more or less layers and more or less wick, became a hair-cut very innovative in the obsession capillary-favorite pop culture. It was called “The Rachel” and with that he made his debut in “Friends”. It was a huge success.

The ic’nico hair cut "The Rachel"that Jennifer Aniston carries’ in the first season "Friends".

The iconic hairstyle “The Rachel”, Jennifer Aniston took in the first season of “Friends”.

Not only the fans of “Friends” they ran to their classrooms with a photo of Rachel-Jennifer. Many famous copied “The Rachel” in the few months of 1995 and 1996 that was on the screen and until the end of the decade, so it became a icon pop of the time. There were three cases of cloning tremendously cheeky: Christina Aguilera, Meg Ryan and Tyra Banks. In fact, Chris McMillan, author of the look, remembers clearly the moment in which we proposed a change of look to Aniston, and how the impact of the court was immediate: within a few weeks of issuance of the series began to call him from all parts.

The versi’n "The Rachel" that led’ Meg Ryan in the a&bath;os 90.

The version of “The Rachel” which led to Meg Ryan in the 90’s.

“Before the filming of the pilot of the series, I saw that Jennifer wearing hair long with a fringe, nothing atrctiva, and I suggested that you let him grow,” he recently recalled MacMillan. “By the way, I suggested a few highlights and some layers, to add movement and to conceal that bangs long,” he recounted in an interview in the magazine “Allure”. Jennifer Aniston made him a lot of grace that court, and, above all, his fan club. However, not ended with it, and only kept six months. “I didn’t know how to comb it,” explained the hairdresser.

Jennifer Aniston with your ic’nica melena capeada ironed, at an awards ceremony in 2012.

Jennifer Aniston with her iconic mane capeada ironed, at an awards ceremony in 2012.

The impact of “The Rachel” was such, that turned Jennifer Aniston into a reference inescapable in a matter of cut and color. In fact, their mane is still as much or more copied, probably because he has found a formula that is universally flattering. Since I got rid of “The Rachel”, Aniston it has remained faithful to a hair long (as a very short a long bob), which are always more pressed than with volume and with a few wicks ‘babylights’ ranging from gold brown to golden brown. Just changing the layers, more or less marked. The truth is that the actress is still having pelazo. And to sample his latest role in “The Morning Show” (Apple TV). Has a look of hair impeccable.