Jennifer Lopez in a bikini in the quarantine


The message of Jennifer Lopez to your stepdaughter to her on her birthday

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The message of Jennifer Lopez to your stepdaughter to her on her birthday

The sensual photo with the Jennifer Lopez love in quarantine and the message of Danna Garcia to your little boy, in the midst of the pain of not being able to see due to the coronavirus, are in the headlines today.

Also, the death of a comedian famous from the band Luthiers and the health of the husband of Victoria Ruffo, are making the news this Friday in the world of entertainment.

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1. Jennifer Lopez and her photo in the pool that burns in networks

Jennifer Lopez still confined to his house following to the letter the rules of the quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and in the midst of confinement, the singer loved his faithful followers with a sexy photo.

The Diva from The Bronx hung up in your account of Instagram a beautiful image that has won more than 3 million “likes”, which is seen clad in a sexy bikini white, while posing in the swimming pool of his home in Miami.

“Mother Earth ?? …. Be aware of how you treat them. Love it and she will keep forever. #Happy Earth day”, was the comment with which the artist accompanied by his beautiful photo.

2. Husband of Victoria Ruffo is recovering from coronavirus

Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayad – 18.12.2016In the theatre play “Cinderella. The magic of love”, The governor of Hidalgo, Mexico, and the husband of actress Victoria Ruffo, apologized for telling indigenous women who sleep with clothing to protect children2016-12-20T08:15:25.000 Z
It has been almost a month since the husband of actress Victoria Ruffo announced that he was infected by the coronavirus, and Omar Fayad, has just revealed that it has already healed.

The governor of the state of Hidalgo in Mexico made the announcement on his Twitter account, where he mentioned that since he returned to work one hundred percent.

“Today return to all my activities of work, since I’ve been discharged by Covid-19; after more than 25 days I came out negative in the PCR tests in the Laboratory of Health Hidalgo and the Institute of Diagnostics and Reference Epidemiology InDRE of the Secretariat of Health of Mexico. Don Hidalgo is not stopped!”, commented on networks the husband d ela Ruffo, who was not infected.

3. Danna García sad for his baby

Danna Garcia has not done anything good the last two months, as the actress not only caught the coronavirus, and was at risk of his life, but recently, when I thought I had healed, the test you did came back to shed a positive for the COVID-19, which has prevented him from being reunited with his son.

And although colombian actress is a very strong woman, just to show that the forced separation from your baby is starting to affect it and fill it with sadness, even though it shows positive.

The star of Pasión de Gavilanes shared on his Instagram a message for her little baby, which was accompanied with a beautiful photo together with the child.”We’ll go ahead. We are all in this together,” said the colombian. “I’ve always heard that love has many faces.. and I believe them !! But for me, it only vibrates a ♥️✨? #TeAmaMamá #MiAmorDante”.

4. Michelle Renaud makes new confession about his implant

Actress Michelle Renaud was in the news last January, after revealing that it had decided to withdraw its breast implants, and this time the protagonist of the soap opera the shadow of The past came back to touch on the topic and gave new details with no holds barred.

The star of the melodramas was awarded an Instagram Live with People in Spanish, and he said that one of the reasons for the decision was that his mother died of cancer, having an implant that is broken.

“Does new years as you know I got boobies because I had just started the acting career I think that had a lot of pressure, nor did it echo all the pressure to the race. My mom also had implants …is something that I also grew up with. Then I said: ‘Well if my mom operates I, too,’” said the girlfriend of Danilo Carrera.
“When I decided to pull out my boobies because I started to read about the breast implant ilness, which is a disease that gives you the result of having silicone in the body… But besides that I saw that he was already fighting many people for the FDA to accept that gives a type of cancer. [Entonces] I said I I’m not going to risk, I already have my baby, my mom died of cancer”.

5. He died Marcos Mundstock from Les Luthier
Marcos Mundstock, of the famous group comedian, the Les Luthiers. died.

The argentine, who for decades loved his fans with his humor and huge smile, has died at the age of 77 years, after losing the battle against a severe cancer which was diagnosed in 2019.

The death of the comedian happened Wednesday morning in your own home in the city of Buenos Aires, and it was the group of humor the one who reported the sad news with much sorrow.

“After more than a year of dealing with a health issue that became irreversible, our colleague and friend finally broke it,” said the Les Luthiers, recalling that in January Mundstock had decided to take a break to focus on your medical treatment.