Jennifer Lopez: the ex of your fiance and her break quarantine to go party


The ex of her fiance and Jennifer Lopez break quarantine to go party. The diva will earn hundreds of reviews.

In the eyes of the people, Jennifer Lopez is breaking the rules of social distancingbecause in recent days we have seen come out of the gym without any protection, but the “last straw” was the party that was organized to celebrate the birthday of his step-daughter, She.

How it was to be expected Jennifer Lopez I would not let an important date for the girl to pass unnoticed and for this reason, together with your fiance and the ex wife of this, they planned a very special celebration in the midst of the pandemic.

Yes, the diva, Cynthia Scurtis (left), former wife of Alex Rodriguez and he shared with the little She, the youngest daughter of the athlete; up to now, this is not knew and Jennifer Lopez he had only been questioned for using face cloths and forget that their children also should do well in the place, while respecting the healthy distance, there were more than 50 people gathered.

Jennifer Lopez was quite seriecita to the side of Scurtis, who was linked to A-Rod for six years. In the photos of the paparazzi newly emerging conspicuous by their absence pictures or moments in which both have exchanged a word and observe how they keep the distance.

Behind the mask, the artist seemed to outline a smile to embrace her daughter Emme (left). Logically did not do the same thing with the birthday girl (der.), due to the rules of social distancing by the coronavirus.