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“I don’t find the finger. I am not able to find it”. That phrase, the desperate search, is one of those that can be heard clearly in a new audio of a fight between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been filtered now the journal Daily Mail. In him to appreciate the consequences of a huge fight between the players who finished between botellazos and blood, and in which the interpreter of Pirates of the Caribbean ended up losing a piece of finger.

This new audio is one more chapter of the mutual accusations of ill-treatment from the partner. In this case, the sound reflected a dispute between the two while they were in a large mansion rented in Queensland, north of Australia, at midday on the 8 of march of 2015, when they had been just a month married. The recording lasts for five hours and it is unknown who made it, although it was usual for Heard and Depp were recorded in their fights and the hear after to make a kind of home therapy.

In the altercation had to intervene doctors, who are those who claim not to find the tip of Depp. The actor finally lost a part of that finger, but then said that he had suffered an accident with a door. “Look at all that blood, what a horror. Fuck”, is heard saying to the nurse that is also part of the team of marriage. In the background you hear Heard crying so hectic. The nurse asks: “what Will be in the trash? How big is the piece you’re looking for?”. The doctor replies that he had already looked at it once there. “And I didn’t see anything that seems to meat. I look like a third finger,” says the physician, who used to accompany the marriage in his travels, and asks that it be given antipsychotics, and antibiotics to Depp, as the wound could become infected.

“If I cut the hand well me, I would go to the sink to wash it,” he speculates the doctor. Indeed, the appendix at the end appeared near a sink and kept in an envelope with ice to try to sew it. Depp ended up in the hospital (the british daily has leaked photos of the limb and even your x-rays), where he managed the finger. He also suffered bruises and burns. He has told to the judge that she stubbed out a cigarette on the cheek on one occasion.

In the audio can also listen to a bodyguard, Jerry Judge, who claims that he has seen “Johnny too bad, but never so bad”. “And have been uploaded to this site”, explains the member of the security personnel, the usual retinue of the actor. “I want to say: it is broken. There are broken windows. There is a television, broken glass, has thrown bottles, she has admitted that I have thrown away first” is what you hear in the audio, sometimes inintelegible. “It is clear that we have lost the deposit. There is blood everywhere. We need to fix this before that no one will see it”, says Judge.

Judge also reveals in the audio that “there are damages to the value of $ 75,000”. “She won’t stop crying, covered in blood. And the bedroom above…”, you lose the audio. “He drank it all last week. And has been taken as 10 tablets of ecstasy.” In the end, the security decides to take Amber Heard at a hotel near the Brisbane airport to spend the night there before returning to the united States while he heals in the hospital.

Depp and Heard were married for 15 months, between February 2015 and may 2016. Their divorce has been long and tortuous, and have for years engaged in serious mutual accusations of physical and psychological abuse that have led them to confront different trials, the last of them, in which he accuses his ex-wife for defamation, paused now because of the coronavirus.

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