Kelly Clarkson adds to his list of titles godmother of cruise ship


Kelly Clarkson already has a broad leaf of life: singer, songwriter, tv host, coach of “The Voice”, author of children’s books and mother of four children. Now you can add travel to the list.

Clarkson was named godmother of Norwegian’s Encore, the new ship of the cruise line’s Norwegian, and the pop star says he joined the project because it fits in with what for her is important: families that spend time together, humanitarian work, and live music.

“There is where I’m at in my career. This is not just singing. This is not only talk show. This is not only to be the godmother of the cruise, the residency in Las Vegas, or any of those things. It is tied and that make sense together in an organic way,” said Clarkson. “That’s when I start saying ‘yes’ to this point in my career, well, not necessarily I have to say ‘yes’ because I am super blessed. Say yes when it fits in with the whole package and makes sense.”

Clarkson, 37, will act in the ceremony of christening the ship on Thursday in Miami. The singer jokes for being a godmother for the first time and says he is excited to finally take a vacation suitable for all of his children, whose ages range between 3 and 18 years.

“This is my first godson. What I did well. I don’t have to do anything, just gives me things. Incredible,” he said. “I’m super excited”.

“We’re a big family,” he added. “We always find it difficult to get a vacation that really work for all”.

In the “The Kelly Clarkson Show” of NBC, Clarkson gave cruise free of charge for 20 teachers of music as part of its partnership with Norwegian. The new boat, which sets sail formally this fall, also includes a reading room in honor of their daughter River Rose: the River Rose Reading Room.

“Reading is very important for our family. What we do every night with our children. My mom is a teacher, so I definitely I was a daughter of a professor,” said Clarkson.

The performer, who won “American Idol” in 2002 and immediately became a singer of hits, said that he was surprised of the different fields that has been able to explore in your career.

“All I did was get in trouble by talking too much,” he said. “The fact that this became a job… really I never thought that I would be in this position”.

Clarkson said that the fans of his music should not worry about it. Recently recorded what he described as “one of my favorite songs probably of my whole career”. On April 1, 2020 will also begin his residency in Las Vegas.


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