Kim Kardashian makes fashion the belt that you find in Zara or Primark


We meet four weeks from the Government to decree the state of emergency to confront the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. Since then, we are all staying in our homes to try to reduce the spread of the virus. Marathons series, the elaboration of recipes, especially desserts, sessions of cleaning, or the practice of sport are some of the activities that have become popular to try to make more bearable the quarantine. Yes, despite of the complicated situation, the fashionistas do not lose sight of the trends that soon we will see (and will look delightful in the streets. Dresses fluids with floral prints, details in the shape of a steering wheel, male shirts, prints of stripes… But the station hides more surprises. And is that, on this occasion, the add-on that is freaking out to the hunters of the trends found in the section of lingerie. This is the sash and the culprit of this new and crazy fever that awaits us just around the corner is the very Kim Kardashian (Oh who else!?).

The most well-known of the Kardashian sisters turns to gold everything it touches. The past month of September, and after an unsuccessful attempt, Kim took to the market its first collection of apparel gearboxes under the name Skims. In just a few seconds, the entrepreneur managed to sell thousands of products, a figure shocking with that he pocketed two million dollars and broke all records. Given the great success of the last initiative of the socialite, the signatures are put on the batteries and threw quickly to their proposals. Zara added to the fever of the garment-reducing with the collection Shape Control Effectwhile Primark it was with a complete line of girdles, bodies superajustados fasteners and effect push-up. Other popular chains low cost as H&M or Uniqlo also have included this type of lingerie in their catalog.

Braga high
Braga high in color nude with shaping (Women’secret / 24,99€).

Now that Kim Kardashian has broken the taboo of lingerie moulding machine, it seems that the bands are going to become one of the must have spring. Although we do not yet know when we will recover from this unusual situation, pre-empt the rest and take a look at the novelties that you can find in the stores. Don’t miss the gallery and to show off figure! | [LEER: Ortega Cano opina sobre el concurso de su mujer, Ana María Aldón]