Kylie Jenner looks completely different during the quarantine on social networks


Thanks to this guard we have discovered a new facet of the famous, a more domesticated (within their spectacular mansions) and looks much more relaxed (clad in expensive outfits brand, but in ‘pants and sweatshirt’). However, they seem to have all turned out in the middle of this dynamic #YoMeQuedoEnCasa or at least, that would seem thanks to their Instagram. For this reason, Kylie Jenner surprised everyone to look sooo different in ‘real life’ than as shown on their social networks.

The mom of Stormi has shown us this last month their best looks in sweatpants in your account, and your perfect make-up (in addition to reveal that in the midst of this quarantine said goodbye to the hair extensions and long acrylic nails); however, it was all through their eyes and their poses worked for the digital sphere. Now, it was portrayed by the paparazzi coming out of his house with a look of completely contrasting as we see in their stories…

For the first time since the announcement of the voluntary confinement that most of the famous have made their homes in Los Angeles, Kylie Jenner decided to leave (without making any stops so as not to put at risk to no one) to visit your friend Stassie Karanikolaou and have a girls ‘ night (they took potatoes and a couple of drinks). Remember that Stassie has published in social networks so much that he misses Kylie and how difficult it has been to be separated from your BFF during this hard time, for what the famous entrepreneur decided to make a pause at the ‘social distancing’ and go to greet his great friend.