Learn how to cut your hair with the help of the stylist of Jennifer Aniston in ‘Friends’ | Today


Our house during the quarantine is proving to be a center of experiments. We are discovering new facets that we had not yet seen it we don mismxs: cocinerxs, singers, animadorxs social in our neighborhood, and even, peluquerxs.

If you are a vegan that is cansadx of see his mane grow and grow and don’t know what to do for the change of look is not a total disaster, you can now learn how to teñírtelo step-by-step or, if you’re already contentx with your hair color, sign up to one of the trends of the season: cut your bangs. Artists such as Dua Lipa and Rosalia have already been added to this haircut. Do you feel like?

Now you can do that you mismx following the advice that I gave in the program of Ellen DeGeneres the stylist Chris McMillan, who is behind the iconic cut layers Jennifer Aniston in his time as Rachel Green in Friends. All you need are scissors, kitchen, Take note!

The hair should be dry. Never wet. “You should wash and dry the hair, and then start to cut. When you cut your hair yourself, you want to see where you are going to fall,” says Chris McMillan. If you cut the hair while it is wet, when dry it will then be much shorter than you want to.

Before you pass the scissors, make sure you are not stretching too much the hair. Take your bangs to the nose, but do not stretch it too much hair before to decide where to cut it. “How much less stress you put, the better you will be,” says the stylist.

Short bangs layered. McMillan recommended that you separate it into two layers and begin first by cutting the bottom.

Start with the tips. From there, go to more little by little. “If you cut a large piece where you think what you want, you’ll regret it; it shall not be so and you will be more short,” says McMillan.

Smoothes the ends. To finish, match the bangs with gentle strokes down with one of the edges. “We’re not trying to make any major changes, just trimming lightly,” adds the stylist.