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Maluma it has been enshrined as one of the latino more important in the urban landscape international. But, beyond the music, there is also an image that precedes it: the sexy boy and fashion icon. Well, the colombian has decided to surprise all their fans with a very different picture to the one that used to give.

ADMV or, what is the same, Love Of My Life comes with a video clip without a trace of choreographies or sculptural bodies in the sun. The more pure style Benjamin Button, Maluma gets into the skin of himself, but in his version octogenarian. A transformation for which, as he himself has assured Billboardit took five hours to make the characterization to seem like an old man.

When the years we weigh, and the legs do not walk / The eyes we closed and the skin is not being stretched / When the only thing that, in spite of whatever we did in life / And though none of this pass / you Are the love of life.“With this message lands your new single, in the format of a ballad and acoustics of which already had given us a preview via an acoustic in their social networks, focuses on the love of a lifetime and how it is possible to review all the happy memories spent at the side of the person that one wants as they passed the years. A song about the importance of love and how it can change people. Yes, to find out how the story ends see the video until the end.

In summary, and as we set out, the Maluma most tender ever heard. A very different version to the one that the singer has been criticized in the past, leaving behind the facet of a womanizer that he has been blacked out or the lofty with which to defend himself before the rumors of his alleged homosexuality, to give way to his “I” more tender and sentimental singing to the true love.

However, the big question is: who is it dedicated Maluma this declaration of love? Many are shuffled between the options to Natalia Barulichwith who, despite no longer being a couple have a good relationship. So much so that it has become them to relate on more than one occasion, such as when just a few days ago the model recalled the recording of the video clip of Happy 4 or when the colombian congratulated him affectionately for his birthday. For the time being, the interpreter of 11:11 has not ruled about it, what yes has made it very clear in their social networks is that the quarantine is being very introspective.

Although the truth is not in doubt is that the singer is taking advantage of the time, because, Maluma is absolutely unstoppable. Far from taking a breath, this ADMV adds to a list of recent projects with which the interpreter of HP us has been amazing these days. From the presentation of What Chimba, their participation in One World Together At Home with an unexpected acoustic version of Carnival and, even, doing to dance to P. Diddy.


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