Marvel: The most renowned comics starring women | Captain Marvel | Black Widow | Jessica Jones


In the Movie universe of Marvel (UCM)we met with the history of Captain Marvel, under the performance of Brie Larson, and soon we will see the film centered on Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). So also, in the series of Netflixwas known the first series adaptation of Jessica Jones.

These female characters that appeared in films and series are also famous for their stories in the comics Marvel. It should be noted that these are only some of the large number of powerful women in comics, but they are of the few superheroínas who star in comics, and not just belonging to a team.


Captain Marvel it is one of the superheroínas that has great presence as story alone. Carol Danvers born as the great love of Captain Marvel in the comics of the hero. Over the years he began to carry the title of Ms. Marvel to become the famous Captain Marvel in 2012.

Since then, has been involved with the Avengers in various battles, and has travelled the universe for its own account, even if accompanied by her cat Chewie. Before his success in the comics Marvel Studios decided to work on the movie with the starring Brie Larson, who also appeared in “Avengers: Endgame”.


Black Widow first appears in the comic “tales of Suspense” in 1964. Natasha Romanova is a Russian spy prepared to kill anyone who stands in their way. The origin of the heroin is covered by his dark past during his training in the Red Room.

After participating together with the Avengers in various stories Marvelthe character will have their own comic books, due to its popularity among the readers. Marvel Studios produced the film “Black Widow”, but in the face of the pandemic of coronavirus, its premiere had to be postponed.


Kamala Khan takes the name of Ms. Marvelafter that Carol Danvers was happy to be named Captain Marvel in the comics. She is a young muslim woman who will be exposed to a substance mutagenic, therefore, will develop supernatural powers.

It was always una big fan of superheroes, specifically Carol, so that will take your old name for the adventures that stars in the comics Marvel.


Scarlet Witch it is known to belong to groups of superhéores in Marvel, as well as by the comics starred alongside Vision. The dynamic couple launched to fame to both characters, making Wanda Maximoff in one of the female characters most recognized in the comics.

As part of the UCM is played by Elizabeth Olsen, who will star in the upcoming series focused of Disney+. Get to know a bit more about the stories that would be based “WandaVision” here.


Initially, Jessica Jones born as a supporting character in Marvel comics. Many years later, Netflix will work on a series based on it that had great reception among the viewers. From this production is published the series of comics “Alias” written by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, which shows the heroine as a researcher in private.

It should be noted that, not limited with the cameos of other characters —even, we will see a Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)— unlike the series starring Krysten Ritter. In addition, you will have many other instances of research related to other superheroes of the world Marvel.