Mia Khalifa is mounted on its promised video on Instagram


The beautiful entrepreneur of 27 years Mia Khalifa shared a video on his account Instagram in which it appears in the company of her fiance Robert Sandberg the interesting thing is that is mounted on it.

It seems that the former actress of movies for adult has decided to dabble also in the application of Tik tok where we share fun videos in the company of her boyfriend.

In this video they appear together, she is behind him ready to jump on and give a complete turn through your body but mounted on itwithout taking the floor because they would lose the challenge.

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The relationship that they have is quite nice so that you can see in his publications so constant share multiple photos and videos.

The couple lives together and even though we are engaged not yet know the date of the wedding, something that does not concern them very much because you see them quite happy, maybe one day surprise you with the news.

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“Quarantine Day 14: you can see @robertsandberg up mentally his brain as my friend from isolation after that obligates it to make all the challenges of Tik tok with me. #imlonely #butstayingthefuckhome” translation and desscripción of its publication.

If you know a little about Khalifa you know who loves to eat, which you can appreciate throughout their publications in Instagram where we share delicious dishes and treats she consumes, coincidentally the love of your life is a chef, so that you secure the consent to pretty.

In its recent publication has shown the progress that he has had during his hard work in the gym because the photographs are amazing, although he was already possessed of a exquisite bodysee their well defined muscles and its curves delineated, is the result of an excellent work.

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