Miley Cyrus reacts to the statements about marriage of Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson admitted that it has planned to marry with Miley Cyrus, and this was the reaction of the star!

After her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, Miley has maintained a relationship super stable with the lead singer of australian origin, Cody Simpson, who recently confessed that he has no plans of marrying her.

I believe in marriage, but I was not thinking too much about that. I am too young to consider it, to be honest. I just follow rodeándome of positive women who inspire me and teach me new things every day.

To be with Miley is a wonderful thing in my life. She is creative and inspirational, fiercely independent, and encourages me to be my own person too. We are both creative people who support each other with our work. Miley also inspires my art. There is something of romance in the poems that I have written, and yes, they could be on it. It is inevitable that what happens in my private life comes to light in my work“: He declared Cody to The Sun, but how it took Miley these statements?

Miley Cyrus reacts to the statements about marriage of Cody Simpson

In accordance with the average Hollywood Life, Miley is on the same channel that Cody, because, although it does not rule out the possibility of return to arrive at the altar, by the time you would like to stay away from this commitment.

Miley does not know what the future holds, but he is definitely open to the idea of marriage again at some point. You will cross the bridge of marriage when it comes to him, in this moment, you are simply enjoying things as they are with Cody“.

Miley is not offended by the words of Cody, so what do you like most about being with him, is that they are always in agreement as to what they want: “One of the things he appreciates about his relationship with Cody is that they are on the same page and want the same things, he has no pressure on it and taking things one day at a time. Feel very comfortable with each other and live in the moment“.

Do you believe that some day Miley decides to marry Cody?

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