Myrka Dellanos asks nothing in Alexa Dellanos in beauty, boasts on his Instagram


Myrka Dellanos, journalist and tv presenter that has been recognized in Latin america for having been for many years the presenter of the famous television program of the Univision network, the First Impact, it is also a beautiful woman with an enviable figure.

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It was on his Instagram where he wanted to celebrate big with a few daring photos.

Through its publications of Instagram is where fans of the television personality were able to enjoy beauty in various outfits, as he wanted to celebrate the earth day showing you various moments when I was out.

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In the photos we can observe, wearing a small shorts, denim shorts, a green dress super cute and one white that you used in one of his visits to the beach. Some of their fans have even commented that it seems the sister of his daughter Alexa, all thanks to her beauty and youth exposed in the photos.

Myrka Dellanos has proven its professionalism to stay laboring in these times of health alert in the united States and the rest of the world. The communicator has shared is shattered and asks for prayers for her.

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Dellanos pointed out that you keep communicating about the coronavirus and that the stories will tear at the heart as not only communicate but live the situation with the rest of the people.

His daughter, Alexa, is also a beautiful woman, and talented for what he has not striven to conquer the social networks, gaining a large audience through your photos so well worked.

She also wants to triiunfar as a youtuber, as it has an official channel where account your day-to-day, as well as to show some photo sessions in which it participates, there is only account with few followers compared with Instagram, something that could increase if it is constant and continues to raise compelling content, which is not difficult for her.