New trend: pastel colors will steal the catwalk, See how to show them!


The pastel colors are revolutionising the fashion once more: not only makeup but also clothing. Look at the models most popular with great looks. You can emulate them quietly! You have a few options.

The pastel colors have become a trend, both in fashion and clothing and in makeup. They are soft colors, which look great on different skin tones.

In jeans, shorts, blouses, dresses, and accessories, the pastel colours are available for the garment that more you like.

It can be a short dress with sleeves, as we shown in the model Kendall Jenner, in celestial color, with shoes with low heels and white.

But, the pants and jacket combined in a great way. Remember not to use many pastel colors in one outfit because it can be ‘recharged’.

Clothing in pastel colors.

Skirts and blouses in cakes is another good style. You can add some beautiful heels and a jacket to the fashion but in neutral colors. Even, skirts of leather you can use it in pastel colors.

The short dresses never go out of fashion. Give an air of cheerful, fun and youth to your outfit. The long also, as the actress Jennifer Lawrence, in this opportunity, and pink with a beautiful flower print.

Finally, jeans and shorts, according to the occasion: they are easy to combine and you can easily add accessories, such as belts or scarves to grab the waist. Give it a try!