Nicole Neumann to Halle Berry: the six best “dresses pillow” of the quarantine

The #PillowChallenge is a challenge in virtual quarantine that proposes to assemble a party dress custom with a pillow and a belt, leaving open the possibilities of resignificaciones fashionistas with accessories not conventional. Already are more than 70,000 the women who joined in this fun, creative proposal, among which are some famous and icons of style.

The first to popularize the “dress pillow” was the blogger Spanish Aida Domenech, who was photographed with its accessories luxury: minibolso of Dior and stilettos. Since then, the challenge is viralizó in all parts of the world, starting a competition implíscita: who will be crowned as the winner?

In Argentina, there were three celebrities that shared their comic counterparts. In the first place, Nicole Neumann risked a version that is representative of your style sensual and daring, showing a good part of his leg. Complemented the pillow with a pair of sandals to towering and a classic belt minimalist.

On the other hand, the dancer Maggie Bravi added to the challenge immediately: she posed naked and covered with the element star. Candela Ruggierifinally, he showed his mane platinum and a black belt with logomanía of luxury.

At the international level, Anne Hathaway he was noted for bringing the challenge to the next level. Not only wore the accessories of Mia Thermopolis, one of its iconic characters, but incorporated a background of butterfly wings in blue klein. “A queen is never late, others simply arrive very early”wrote under publishing, hinting at the film to one of the phrases most remembered of his grandmother in the film.

Finally, the american actress Halle Berry he distinguished himself by his proposal total black of great elegance. Combined the beautiful pillow lace with a hat animal print, sunglasses, stilettos patent leather and a belt decorated with studs.

Who is your favorite?

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