Oaxacan displayed their costumes with #PontetuHuipilChallenge

The Chanllenges challenges or viral, have been more constant in recent days by the time so extended that all have been sheltered in a home by the pandemic COVID-19

In the social network of origin chido, TikTok, who has been outstanding in the viralización of the videos that have come out since its inception, many users and “TikTokers”, have joined the challenges viral.

But now, oaxacan women have also decided to participate with the same dynamic of “PasstheBrushChallenge” that began with the famous “Beauty Blogger”, James Charles. The challenge consisted in showing a before and after of makeup by passing a brush.

With #PontetuHuipilChallenge women show huipiles and traditional costume from Oaxaca, to the rhythm of are his people, and drinking a spritz of mezcal in the typical form of the region.

A way to move the quarantine to feel the roots of Oaxaca.

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