Oh Alex Morgan amazes with a breathtaking photo shoot!


The front of the Orlando Pride, Alex Morgan, became the new face of the April edition of the acclaimed u.s. magazine Glamour, this was announced through their social networks, where posted part of the amazing photoshoot that the magazine made him, thus surprising to her over nine million followers on Instagram.

In the images shared by the footballer can be seen to this showing the fullness of her pregnancyin fact, the official account of the magazine was commissioned to post a small video of Morgan training at the beach to a few weeks of giving birth, showing the powerful woman she is. Here you leave!

Alex Morgan on the cancellation of the olympic games and give birth in the middle of a pandemic

During its passage through the publication american, Morgan is honest about some aspects of his private life as well as the professional, as it is proclaimed on the cancellation of the Olympic Games, for which he had been training hard despite your pregnancy. “I tried to see it more from the perspective of the team, but I could not help thinking of myself with all of the stress that is causing the coronavirus, in addition to trying to get back in shape in so little time – because the games would be 3 months after giving birth – Taking into account all the factors, I voted to postpone” he continued to the front, “That was the best decision to level the playing field for all athletes in all events”, pointed out Morgan.

In addition, Morgan spoke about that ‘beam of light’ that has been found in a your life even when all I thought I had controlled it is not so, because his plan was to give birth in April and in July to be in the Olympics, however, the pandemic of the coronavirus came to change everything and despite the obstacles, Morgan has managed to see the positive side of all this. “Now I have more time to recover and I’ll have more time with my daughter. I can solve it with a little more calm and a little more clarity. I have to look at the positive aspects, ” said Morgan