Rihanna, Jay-Z and one of the creators of Twitter donate 6.2 million for the coronavirus


Los Angeles (USA).- Rihanna and Jay-Z have created along with Jack Dorsey, one of the confudadores of Twitter, a fund with more than $ 6.2 million to mitigate the economic effects that the coronavirus is causing among the most vulnerable population and regions most affected by the pandemic.

The money donated by the executive of the social network and the foundations of the artists, Clara Lionel -Rihanna – and-Shawn-Carter -Jay-Z, will be sent to eleven organizations located in the united States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and sub-saharan Africa, reported on Wednesday in a joint statement.

“The grants will support initiatives such as providing accommodation and health care to young homeless people in New Orleans (USA), testing of the virus throughout the Caribbean and install intensive care units, isolation and hospital beds in sub-saharan Africa, among others,” said Foundation Clara Lionel in your web page.

Among the beneficiaries there are organizations known as Doctors Without Borders (Doctors Without Borders), Direct Relief, and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation for the HIV, that operate in the caribbean countries and african countries with fewer resources to cope with the pandemic.

The money will also be put on aid to low-income families of the united States and Puerto Rico.

For its part, the organization focused on the hispanic community in the U.S. the Hispanic Federation will receive donations to provide materials in its network of clinics, especially in the island of Puerto Rico.

This is the second donation, the co-founder of Twitter made by the crisis of the COVID-19, as last week deposited us $ 1 000 million, 28% of their wealth in a fund for a public health emergency.

The action of Dorsey was the most substantial of all the donations that the leaders of Silicon Valley have been put on the table, as the 100 million from Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) or the 25, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook).

Also Rihanna and Jay-Z delivered a million dollars in march for the same cause.