Rosalia change your look and premiered a few reflections on what Kylie Jenner

Although a few days ago we were surprised with a cut of hair -and bangs – with the that Rosalia left behind her mane XL, now the interpreter Badly decided to take it a step further and experiment with the dyes. The Spanish shared with his followers Instagram his new mane of medium size and with reflections, light brown, a hairstyle very different from what we were accustomed to, but what is certain is that he looks much younger and with an air of ‘good girl’. After all, the quarantine has served to atraverse with a new hair color, a shade that reminds us of the recently premiered Kylie Jenner, one of his great friends.

Rosalia reflexes©rosalia.vt
The interpreter Badly now looks about reflections, light brown that looks gorgeous

At the end of march, Kyle went from having a mane of dark to experiment with a few highlights light brown with the that surprised his 171 million followers. Rosalia and the founder of Kylie Cosmetics they are very close and their styles are also very similar, so it should not surprise us that the Catalan has decided to have fun with their hair as they do the sisters of the clan Kardashian-Jenner.

kylie jenner©kyliejenner
Kylie Jenner, one of the great friends of Rosalia, also did a few highlights recently

During the days of confinement, Rosalia has not only been experimenting with the scissors, it has taken advantage to get closer to their audience, and recently he was having fun with his followers with a karaoke expontáneo did through their stories Instagramwhere we were surprised with the interpretation of the theme Halo, Beyoncé, whom he recognized to admire a lot. Watch his amazing performance:

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