Rosalia gives details about his upcoming collaboration with Travis Scott and the last single with Billie Eilish

Rosalia take these last two weeks of quarantine taking advantage to do a round of interviews that allow you to promote your new single ‘Hurt me’ and that their fans will have news of her.

‘Hurt me’ went out without prior warning, no strategy, no promotion, no nothing. Simply with the intention to spice up a little the quarantine to his followers, of to convey even a glimmer of hope or for curarles the soul to the extent possible.

The song that the winner of the Grammy for ‘The Evil Want to’ I had expected to launch on these dates, was another, a topic much more aggressive that has now been left in limbo; postponed, but not cancelled.

As has told to it to Zane Lowe in a special program for Apple Music, it was a collaboration with Travis Scott, the ex-partner of your new best friend (and ‘wife’) Kylie Jenner, with those who have already participated in the remix of ‘Highest-in-the-room’.

We do not know yet what the date will be chosen for publication but what we do know so far is that the singer’s Catalan considered a perfect theme for ‘the club’ that even you already have the video clip ready (just as ahead of, the producers of CANADA): “Has an energy that is for a very specific”, for this reason, you have not considered it appropriate to launch it in the middle of the pandemic.

In addition, Rosalie has revealed some details about the state of your expected collaboration with Billie Eilish: “I think that yesterday I finished writing, I feel that the production, the sound design is almost finished, so I just need that Billie you send me the vocal part and the ideas that you want to add”. According to his words it seems that we will be able to listen to it very soon. Who knows if at the end of this year, as very late.

Rosalia has been the DJ guest in the program of Zane Lowe and he got a flat tire issues that have left scramble to presenter: from Bach, Aretha Franklin Camarón, Los Chichos and Safaera’ Bad Bunny.

Among them could not miss the latest Frank Ocean, ‘Falling’a theme in Spanish. The singer of ‘height’ has wanted to highlight that your crush impossible it is a reference to undeniable to her: “I Think that every musician is connected with the time that we live, so to say that Frank Ocean does not influence you is a lie. It would only be a lie. I think that is sure that influenced my generation.”

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