Same thrill, less emission, the promise of the new LiveWire Harley Davidson


About five years ago that the prototype of the first electric motorcycle from Harley Davidson: LiveWire, made its appearance on the big screen, in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Clear that, surely, only true bikers heart repaired in the futuristic machine that drove the spectacular Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson.

that project is a reality this year when needed, more than ever,
to begin to establish a serious commitment to the care of the planet.

Main features of LiveWire

The new LiveWire
offers iconic design that characterizes Harley Davidson, from the power
of the engine to its aggressive stance.

Without having to release a clutch, no transmission shifts, just by turning the handlebars, you can live the experience truly electrifying.

For the
harlistas that in addition to the good performance in path looking for a motorcycle fast, I
we have good news, because LiveWire takes only 3 seconds to go from 0

Its high-voltage battery, which is at 100% load in one hour, provides 225 km range of city or 142 km of range start and stop, and highway.


It is a system
energy storage rechargeable (the Rechargeable Energy Storage System,
RESS), composed of cells of lithium-ion surrounded by a shell of

Different modes of loading and driving

For those who mistrust
about how easy it has become to charge an electric vehicle, LiveWire offers
two modes of recharging.

The first allows you to connect any standard plug-in and do a full load during the night.


Or, for a
faster charge, you’ll be able to attend a public station of level 3 DC and leave
your bike to 100 in just one hour.

On the other hand, stands out in the first electric motorcycle from H-D, a new range of technologies that deliver safety and control in unfavorable situations.

That is to say, LiveWire has control of the advanced chassis control, electronic brake technology and powertrain to give you assistance when accelerating and braking, both in a straight line and in curves.

In addition, this machine offers seven types of driving control electronically the performance characteristics of the motorcycle.

Each type of
driving has a given configuration of power, recovery,
throttle response and traction control.

There are four modes
preset: sports, highway, autonomy, and rain, to add to the
three types of driving customizable.

Service H-D Connect


Finally, in addition to the benefits of LiveWire that you can connect remotely through your smartphone using the latest version of the app Harley-Davidson. In this way you’ll have control of the vital aspects of your bike, including the charge level, you will receive alerts of tampering, you will be able to follow the trail of the bike in case of theft, and much more.