So we held the cast of Nurses on the birthday Diana Hoyos


Through a video call, the actors gave the distance for one more year of life of the actress.

23 Apr 2020 18:26By:

Diana Hoyos it is one of the actresses colombian most admired by all her fans, since not only has shown the great talent with which to account for the performance, but in addition always delights you with its unique beauty.

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The woman were recently celebrating your birthday and despite the fact that on this occasion he had to do it in the middle of the quarantine is being conducted by the coronavirus (COVID-19)showed how happy he was in his day.

Part of his happiness was thanks to several actors in the cast of Nurses who wanted to accompany her from the distance wish you always all the best to your friend and colleague.

Sebastian Carvajal, Viña Machado, Vince Balanta, Julian Trujillo, Tatiana Arizaamong others, they dedicated some beautiful words to the famous, in addition to express all the admiration that they felt for her and the desire I had of being all together again, and in person.

The famous took a cup of wine, from their respective homes and spent a while lot of fun, where the laughter, the friendship, the honesty and complicity of their colleagues, accompanied Diana to celebrate one more year of life.

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