The characters of ‘Dune’ by Denis Villeneuve, compared to the version of David Lynch

The new version of the adaptation of the novel written by Frank Herbert, will be premiered in Spain on the 18th of December.

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Paul Atreides

David Lynch transformed in 1984 Dunethe story written by Frank Herbert, in a movie. The life of Paul Atreidesplayed by Kyle MacLachlan, became one of the few projects of the director to receive negative criticism. Now, 36 years later, another filmmaker wanted to bring the creation of Herbert to the big screen with Timothée Chalamet in the lead role. The film, destined to be the first installment of a film saga, comes to theaters the December 18, and in SensaCine we have compared to the characters of the tape from the mid 80’s with the current.

MacLachlan and Chalamet have given life to Paul, the son of the noble family of Atreides. At the beginning of the story, this clan must leave their home, the planet Caladan, to move to Arrakis. In this high desert country with a dangerous climate in which water is scarce and which is riddled with giant worms, carnivorous shall supervise the extraction of the sought-after drug-spice melange. In turn, they must also live with the indian tribe known as the Fremen.

The duke Leto Atreides and his wife Lady Jessica Atreides they are the parents of Paul. In the version of Lynch were interpreted, respectively, by Jürgen Prochnow and Francesca Annis. In the de Villeneuve, by Oscar Isaac and Rebecca Ferguson. Among the ranks of this clan are the warriors Duncan Idaho and Gurney Halleck. The first gave you life Richard Jordan in the film Lynch and this year what makes Jason Momoa. As for the second, was Patrick Stewart who got into your skin, under the orders of the director of Mulholland Drivewhile Josh Brolin take up the slack.

In terms of the Fremen, Javier Bardem it is Stilgar in the new Dune, a role which she played in the 80’s Everett McGill. Chanion the other hand, was interpreted by Sean Young and Zendaya is the one who gets in your skin in the film Villeneuve. Finally, one of the big changes that has made the new version is the character of Kynes. Lynch was true to the book of Herbert with Max von Sydow as the chosen one to give life. Villeneuve, on the other hand, has changed gender with the actress Sharon Duncan-Brewster.

To be able to see the comparisons in pictures, take a look at the ‘slideshow’ that you will find on these lines.

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