The daughter of Kylie Jenner, Stormi, will star in the concert virtual of Travis Scott


Travis Scott established an all-time record for their concert in line Fortnite, but it was almost derailed by an adorable fan.

On Thursday, the rapper premiered his new song “Astronomical” in the popular video game on the line and your 2 year old daughter. Stormi blocked session Instagram Live recording of the event, while she took her hilariously your controller Playstation 4 to participate in some games of their own.

“Stormi took charge of go Back for a second,” wrote Travis in the video clip while filming as she rocked a pair of headphones huge.

Sounding surprised by the movement of the head of your baby, said: “My daughter, she, she”, before the video appeared on the tv screen with the game, Fortnite.

The same night, the ex of Travis, Kylie Jennerposted a sweet clip of their daughter with a pair of sunglasses dazzling with your name printed and a headband with animal ears are swollen.

“Stormi your shirt, what did you do for dinner?” Kylie laughed when Stormi smiled for the camera. “You came back crazy!”

Stormi must have been on a mission for even more early in the day, crashed another of the sessions of Instagram Live for Travis.

When Travis got up to his daughter and told him to salute, Stormi looked directly at the camera and asked: “What is that?”

“I don’t know. Is live”, he laughed, and added: “Are you watching dad?”

“Look, daddy! Papa!” Stormi exclaimed sweetly. “Look at dad!”

Meanwhile, the official account of Fortnite on Twitter announced the news of the concert record of Travis, posting: “More than 12.3 million players concurrent participated in vivo in the Astronomical Travis Scott, a historic record!”

And Travis turned to Twitter to thank their fans for the incredible support.

“Honestly, today was one of the most inspiring,” he wrote. “I love each one of you. And I know that the times are strange to us. But for a moment to be able to make furious rage wherever they are is incredible,” he tweeted. “I love you with my whole body. !!!!!”

In case you lost the concert of the Thursday, there will be presentations encore to Sunday.

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