The exercise routine of the trainer of Selena Gomez to have a few arms marked!


What’s something they have in common Selena Gomez, Sofia Richie, Kristin Bell, and Felicity Jones? Yes, the toned arms and the same coach, Amy Rosoff Davis. She has worked with celebrities and has proposed a routine totally different, fun and perfect for marking arms at home, the flame #armdancing or dance of the arms.

I find out what it is and add it to your workout!

How is the dance routine of arms?

Amy told Instyle that, “dancing with the arms, it’s basically complete different dance moves with her arms time and time again. During each movement, you are activating the muscles in your arms and, generally, are doing the same movement with high reps”.

Thus, some of the exercises that Davis proposes are: extend your arms to your sides and make circles with your hands, kicking with your arms in T, ballet jumping jacks and lunge jumps, doing 3 or 4 rounds, with 30 repetitions of each, at the end of your normal training.

“In general, I suggest starting the movements with a song, working for dance in the arm by two complete songs,” says Amy.

Although it seems easy, Davis says that the key to really feel the pain that you’re working limb, “is reach through the fingers, means to activate all the muscles. This is an excellent way of tone your arms without abultarlos”.