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The soap opera that is developed between actor Johnny Depp and his former wife, the also actress Amber Heard, from that in may of 2016 she put in a complaint against the actor for domestic violence, has a new chapter. On this occasion, the new discovery comes from the hand of a information to the british newspaper Daily Mail qualifies as exclusive. According to details the rotating Amber Heard, through his lawyers, hired a prestigious private investigator last summer to find people who avalaran your version of that Depp is a violent person, and failed in the attempt.

Paul Barresi, that is the name of the researcher, has revealed to the british that their goal was to find people who had been subject to verbal or physical abuse on the part of Johnny Depp to have them as witnesses in the defamation cases that face the couple in the United Kingdom and in the united States and that they will be judged in the coming months, after having had to be delayed because of the coronavirus. But Barresi, who met with at least a hundred people in the united States and in Europe, according to himself this week the british daily, was found with testimonies radically different to that expected Heard, to the which he describes as “emotionally exhausted, battered and tormented” when he tried to.

In the information that the investigator provides to the Daily Mail via email even details such names as the Jane Galli, head of the makeup department of the movie City of lieswhose premiere he came to be delayed because of the allegations of abuse against Depp. “Galli had worked with Depp in other films and I said: ‘it Is a love”. Something that confirmed the director of the same film, Brad Furman, who referred to the actor as a real human being, professional and wonderful in every way. Or the assistant director, Paul Silver, who said “even if Johnny does not always come on time and sometimes delayed the filming, is a professional and always delivers”. The same person answered on if Depp ever lost calm: “All the artists have a bad temper”.

Barresi, however, says that all these statements do not tell the full story of the “outsider,” Depp and the environment “disgusting” with the board. States that he interviewed the famous tattoo artist Jonathan Shaw, a friend of the actor for 30 years and the author of most of the tattoos he wears, and that when asked by Depp, his response was : “The only thing they would be willing in this search is to help load the gun that I want to use to blast their brains.” Barresi also says that the environment of the actor is more volatile than he himself, for example he refers to his attorney as “a bulldog”. And believes that in part this is to blame for the frustration of Amber Heard. “I don’t think there is much difference between the verbal abuse and the physical, does the same damage”, say Barresi.

By the testimonies we collected, the detective says that Depp seems to be a “generous man to the end, that has come to cover legal costs, medical bills and rents of his friends.” He adds: “The irony is that they seem to have eternal loyalty to him, but I’m not completely convinced that they are his friends.”

The prior of this history are already known: a divorce settlement in exchange for 6.4 million euros, that came on the 16 of August of 2016, and that caused you to Heard withdraw the accusations against her already ex-husband, and a joint statement that the former spouse alleging that his marriage was “very passionate and sometimes volatile, but always united by love”. And after the reboot of the clash between the two when the actor felt alluded to by an article published in the December 18, 2018 The Washington Post and signed by Amber Heard, in which he said: “two years Ago, I became a public figure that represented the domestic abuse, and I felt the full force of the wrath of our culture for women to speak”.

On march 1, 2019 Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against his former wife by insinuating that he was an abuser and cause him to lay off of the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean and stated that the victim of his violence actually was him. Heard back a month later with his judicial response in which he stated that he was a “monster”. And Depp replied that she used forged evidence against him and stated in his plea that he has never abused any woman. The interpreter also filed a lawsuit for defamation against The Sun and your editor, Dan Wootton, a judgment that should have been held in London on the 23rd of march and has been delayed because of the crisis of the coronavirus.

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