The ‘twerkin’ by Lizzo who was censored during the Easter Sunday


Lizzo was ‘censored’ during the Easter Sunday in a live P. Diddy because of his dancing, not suitable for all audiences, and their fans believe that in reality he was the victim of discrimination by your figure

This weekend, the rapper Brother Love -formerly known as Puff Diddy, P. Diddy or Sean Combs– organized a marathon through their social networks with the help of their famous friends to raise funds that will go to provide medical help to the communities most unfortunate during the pandemic the coronavirus.
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The ‘twerking’ of Lizzo, which was censored during the Easter Sunday

The popular singer Lizzo wanted to join this good cause, but his intervention caused some controversy, not for his behavior but for that of the host. The dance that the artist made at the rate of the simple ‘1 2 3’ of Moneybagg it was not appropriate, in the opinion of Diddy, neither to his audience nor to the religious festival that celebrated and asked Lizzo that it stopped twerking in front of the camera.

“Woaaaa, woa. The Sunday of the resurrection, we’re going to put something more suitable for all audiences”asked the musician.

She was not taken to bad by his comment, in view of that laughed and shifted in followed by a song to put a his. However, his fans reacted with so much understanding, especially because shortly after, the actress Draya Michele also joined the direct-to dance in a very sensual and not censored.

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Some of the reactions

The conclusion at which many have arrived, and have been quick to share on social networks, is that Lizzo he had been the victim of a double discrimination because of their physical. Criticism Diddy for that reason have come to such a point that he resorted to Instagram to clarify their position.

“The problem was not the twerking; it is allowed to do twerking during the Passover. The song included a lot of swear words and I don’t want that child protection services are presented in my door. Lizzo, you want. And to everyone else, stop turning to the issue looking for trouble”, he said.

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