To Maluma does not care about the gossip…


Alex and Chela Lora have spent many years together and they confess that the key is to enjoy life and be treated as a couple: make an appointment, grooming, taking a tequilita together and talk. They always have coexistence because they work on the same computer, so that the quarantine weighs them not, do household chores, get-togethers and evenings see things from chamba. They are not sad that his daughter Celia is gone to live alone, because they recognize that it is necessary to have independence and make their own decisions. Chela says that her daughter is very clear and you always know what you want to do and what you get.

Merle Uribe decided to talk with his son Hector to be reconciled, after having been spaced, you prefer to remove the burden of knowing that one of his sons hates it, and who do not want to see it never more; and is that in the past the fights were very strong, so much that blows there were and that’s why Merle raised a lawsuit against him for physical abuse. In these moments you can’t remove it, but passing the pandemic, will attend the courts; the actress thought that maybe I could die and would not like to go fought with his son, he agreed and smoked the pipe of peace, nothing better than family together and even though they have not been seen, at least they speak daily by phone.

Maluma never give explanations about the rumors and gossip that circulate around him, one day he decided he would not lose time in dimes and bickering, and since then, even if you exit the worst of the stories. The colombian quiet. A girl named Grette Duran ensures that four years ago, she held a romance with Maluma, after a concert where he gave him a kiss on the mouth, but everything is complicated when forced to make a trio with Pipe Good and then was disappointed; what is certain is that, at that time, Grette said that it had been a wonderful evening, and now says that was the worst sex in the world, and further added the participation of Pipe. Doing a tour, Grette used to go out with celebrities to advertise, because when he went to dinner with Julian Figueroa appeared photos in a magazine and the same thing happened with the soccer player Alan Pulido. She says that she is single and can go out with whomever you want, and that is correct, but then it gives flight to the stories and that is when the famous to the unknown.

Gael Garcia reveals that it has not been easy to be locked up, but has learned a lot of things, confesses that he talks to his plants and takes care of and is not the famous first that says that. Laura Zapata admitted that he has given for being a gardener and even sing to the flowers, while Salma Hayek embraces the tree to receive your good vibes; it’s also a day I saw Roberto Carlos waving to the plants while going for a walk.

There’s more…, but up here I tell them.