Tom Holland is dressed in Spider-Man to surprise the 3 year old son of Jimmy Kimmel | Entertainment


The actor of the Movie Universe of Marvel decided to give a birthday gift to the little

Despite being locked in your house,

Tom Holland

are you still behaving like a superhero. The actor wore the


to surprise the son of Jimmy Kimmel on his birthday, via video call.

The reaction of the small, Billywas a shame but could not stop watching the interpreter of the hero, spider -, while we sang the Happy Birthday for having served three years.

During the transmission also participated in the five-year old daughter of the actor and television producer, Jane, who, in accordance with Jimmy Kimmelit seems cute “SpiderMan“.

“Hey Billy, I’m glad to meet you. My name is Peter Parker and I live in Queens, New York,” he said Tom Holland poured with a jacket of the character played in the movies Marvel.

Before this, the child could not stop watching the screen, while using a disguise SpiderMan. So her sister took up the baton to answer. “We live in California,” together before they tell you that you have a cute face.

The video was shared through the official account of the YouTube program “Jimmy Kimmel Liyou see,” and up to now has more than a million and a half copies,.

For its part, Tom Holland found in uncertainty, like many people around the world, because, due to the pandemic of coronaviruses, do not know when will start the shooting of his third film SpiderMan solo.

The co-production between Sony and Marvel was planned to start during the month of July 2020, so it is not known if it will be delayed or will everything in as planned.