Travis Scott gives concert “astronomical” in Fortnite

LOS ANGELES.-If there is something you can say about the live events of Fortnite, is that each time become more ambitious.

Since the original release of the rocket until the battle between mech and kaiju and the black hole that destroyed an entire island, each new event is more elaborate than the previous.

Now we can say the same thing for the concerts. The show Marshmello last year was an example of exciting and dynamic of how it could be a concert virtual. The performance of Travis Scott was not far behind.

The company’s Epic had been preparing the scenario for the concert since the end of last week. In the past few days, the players could see how they were building a stage on the beach of Sweaty Sands, and became more full as the days went by. There was a scene black in the upper part of the water, and multi-travis Scott inflatable golden around.

As with past events, the pre-show was a blood bath, with players that are killing each other to kill some time. When he began the show, players could see a strange object similar to a planet floating towards them on a circular screen; when he came close enough, all hell broke loose and the performance started properly.

Really, the whole island Fortnite was the scenario. During the opening song, a giant Scott stomped to the island, while the players could run across the water to take a look. To the extent that they changed the tracks, so did the images.

In a moment Scott became a cyborg; then it seemed that they had all been transported to Tron. When it appeared “Highest-in-the-Room”, the crowd was plunged under the water, along with an astronaut giant. There were roller coasters and psychedelic effects and at the end, the players literally flying around the planet.

The set was short, lasting about 15 minutes. Yes, the live concerts have become more elaborate, as can attest anyone who has attended a show in the arena IRL Travis Scott. But they do not let you float in the air while a rapper the size of Godzilla crosses the ocean.

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