Treatment of onion to grow your hair Discover a lot more here!

Today, there are many remedies all-natural that help to nurture and grow your mane. One of them is the onion, which provides a large amount of properties to your hair

The onion has a high sulfur content, which improves the entire blood circulation of the scalp, and nourishes and oxygenates the roots of each strand of your hair, thereby stimulating the renewal of hair fibers.

Grow your mane with the onion

For many women, the onion has become the number one hair products-natural, moreover, it is very easy to implement. Only you should mix your shampoo favorite with this effective ingredient.

Make sure that your shampoo has a strong smell, to be able to counteract the onion.

Grow your mane with the onion

To add this natural remedy to your shampoo of choice, the first thing you should do is to cut into small squares onion, then introdúce the result in the product, and immediately begins to shake vigorously the container.

Grow your mane with the onion

You can begin using the champoo when you have completed the process of rest, which should last 15 days approximately. Do not be scared by the bitter odor is present, we recommend applying a conditioner with a delicate fragrance.

To finish, we recommend that you use it for a period of three months continúos and one of rest. The results are visible the first week, in which you’ll definitely notice the hair more healthy, abundant and long You will not want to stop using it!

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