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Aquaman 2 is one of the most anxiously awaited films of the fans DC; however, then the audios revealed by Johnny Depp against Amber Heard, the sequel seemed to be at risk. In the first installment, the protagonist must retrieve the legendary trident of Atlan to save Atlantis, and the world of the surface of his brother’s power hungry.

It is as well that the fans do not want the interpreter of Mere in the franchise and have requested of all the possible ways that it be withdrawn. The rumors seemed to indicate that was already looking for his replacement, but today Warner Bros. came out to the front and returned to show their support to the actress.

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The company seems to be willing to not engage in the problem of the partner, so from his Twitter account posted a message of birthday greeting to the companion of Jason Momoa. Immediately the criticisms began to rain down among the answers, but this does not seem to matter much to the executives.

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Fans sign petition to remove Amber Heard

The initiative originated in the portal Change.org has already reached the 400 000 signatures, demonstrating the solidarity of the fans of the company to the star of Pirates of the Caribbean. However, despite the fact that the application is gaining more fans, DC has not yet given signals officers go to dismiss Amber Heard of Aquaman 2.

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