“Wife,” queen, lady”: the look of Hailey Baldwin cooking what it Is advisable to wear gloves?


Not only is a model, not only is the wife of singer Justin Bieber: Hailey Baldwin posted a picture where he shows his gifts for the kitchen. Now, we teach you what steps to take at the time of doing this, but with gloves. It tuned!

Hailey Baldwin, the world-famous model and wife of the artist Justin Bieber, posted a photo to leave behind his clear role in the home.

“A wife, a queen, a lady,”wrote miss 23 years at the foot of the image, where he was posing for her husband with a cotton trousers of light color, a black top and gloves, kitchen color celeste.

Although this useful accessory to open the oven are made of fabric, the photo of Hailey Baldwin opened the discussion of how to work in the kitchen: if you want to use gloves, I avoid latex at all costs!

Why not use latex gloves in the kitchen?

From different health agencies, warn that the use of latex gloves in the kitchen can become infected by micro-organisms and these contaminate the ingredients.

Therefore, it is important not to forget: wash hands regularly, use gloves colors to notice best if they are dirty or not, remove items of jewellery that might fall by accident on the food and dedicate different gloves for different tasks in the kitchen (example, one for raw foods and another for cooked).